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At Kingston, we give our students access to an excellent education in one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities. Our students are provided with a well-rounded education and education pathways to equip them with necessary skills and knowledge.

We adopt innovative, student-centric teaching methodologies that enhance students’ learning experience. Supported by high-caliber staff and education facilities that provide students with a comfortable, conducive learning environment, we nurture our students to realize their full potential.

We strongly believe that education philosophy and teaching pedagogy can accelerate students’ progress in learning and develop them into responsive, committed and high-achieving individuals. This unique opportunity adds a rich and valuable dimension to both young children and adult learners’ education experience.



The objective of these courses are to prepare international students to excel at the Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS) Examination, Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education (Ordinary Level) Examination and International English Language Testing System (IELTS) conducted in Singapore.

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The Certificate courses are aimed at those with some experience in leading teams and is seeking to develop and improve their skills and knowledge in a flexible and practical way. These courses are also catered for learners who seek to be in a leading role.

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The Diploma courses combine practical career-based elements with a number of essential underpinning management disciplines that will be invaluable as the individual’s career progresses. The course are therefore an ideal preparation for immediate employment in the sector.

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The Specialist Diploma in Internet and Social Media Marketing allows students to master the skills and knowledge of an effective Internet Marketer. Students will undergo rigorous and robust learning curriculum designed to equip and enable the student to fulfil the Internet and Social Media Marketing needs of major brands as a highly valued employee, or build a business as an entrepreneur to meet the growing demands of small and medium-sized businesses for high return-on-investment online marketing campaigns.

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We strongly believe that education philosophy and teaching pedagogy can accelerate students’ progress in learning and develop them into responsive, committed and high-achieving individuals

My teacher has a wealth of knowledge on Tourism and Hospitality. He shares his life experiences and knowledge with the students so that the students can learn more than what is taught in the curriculum.

Manpavitar Singh

My teacher is very good. He is enthusiastic about teaching and has pedagogical skills.

Tran Thanh Binh

My teacher explains every topic very well and will help us recall topics we learnt on the previous day before he starts teaching new topics.

Dela Cruz, Cherelyn, Trinidad

The school staffs are all very friendly and helpful. I feel great to be from Kingston!

Arichanan Baskaran

I love everyone in this school. I hope I will meet them and keep in touch in the future.

Le Viet Phon

This (CTH Level 3 Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality) Program helped me gain knowledge about hospitality and has improved my English skills.

Ho Mong Linh

My teacher was able to teach the IELTS course effectively as he uses the resources available to make the learning process better. He also shares his personal and professional experiences and uses these as examples of the things we could potentially face in the real world.

John Ray Catangal

My teacher knows how to educate and encourage students who are young and eager to learn. His knowledge is professionally fit to the course.

Huynh Cong Chang

老师的教学很棒!课程安排也满意! 谢谢老师!谢谢学校!

Zhang Liyuan

My teacher is always well-prepared, organized for lessons and adopts creative ways to teach us. He is very skillful and kind. I like him very much and enjoy the experience with him and my classmates.

Yu Hai

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