Certificate in Events Management

The Certificate in Events Management is particularly designed to provide learners a solid foundation in the events management process of all sizes, learn to develop event orders, project plans that consider key aspects of the event, identify target market, segmentation and positioning for the event within a competitive global landscape.

Course Objective

    The Certificate in Events Management is particularly designed to provide learners a solid foundation in the events management process of all sizes, learn to develop event orders, project plans that consider key aspects of the event, identify target market, segmentation and positioning for the event within a competitive global landscape.

Course Outcome

    The Certificate in Events Management prepares learners to be immediate contributors in the MICE industry. Learners who have successfully completed the course will be able to assess operational processes that underlie effective production of events, demonstrate the understanding of fundamental knowledge in MICE, and the skills to plan, coordinate and manage successful events.


    The overall outcomes of Certificate in Events Management are as follows:

    1. To provide students with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to progress to Diploma in events management related studies;
    2. To provide students with the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge of events management at the foundation level;
    3. To lay the foundation for future professional development.

Course Structure

    Duration of Study and Contact Hours:

    - 6 months (3 months institutional studies + 3 months Industrial Attachment)

    - 3 hours per day, 5 days a week

    Total Hours: 180 hours + 3 months industrial attachment



    Four (4) Modules

    - Introduction to Events Management

    - Principles of Marketing

    - Fundamentals of Project Management

    - Industrial Attachment


    Mode of Teaching:

    Face-to-Face Delivery via

    - Lecture Sessions

    - Tutorial Sessions

    - Class Discussion

    - Group Work & Pair Work

    - Practical Sessions

    - Industrial Attachment


    Teacher to Student Ratio:

    - 1:80 


    Medium of Instruction:

    - English



    - Full-tIme

Industrial Attachment

    The Industrial Attachment provides students the opportunity to undergo 3 months internship in the events management industry. Typical establishments range from events management companies, marketing and PR companies, hospitality and tourism enterprises as well as other related organisations. Students will be able to apply their academic learning via hands-on learning in real life scenarios. 


    The Industrial Attachment forms a critical part of the overall assessment. Students are expected to complete their work-based assessment in the form of the Industrial Attachment Logbook during the 3-month period.


    A training work permit is required to undertake the Industrial Attachment. The application for training work permit is subject to approval by the Ministry of Manpower. Students who do are unable to secure the training work pass will have to successfully complete and submit an assignment for the module under IA.

Course Modules and Outline

    1) Introduction to Events Management:

    This module introduces learners to world of events management and provide them with an overview of Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, and Exhibitions (MICE), the determinants of success in events planning and organisation along with the control systems in the management of event productions. This module will also expose learners to the recent developments from an international perspective.


    2) Principles of Marketing:

    This module covers fundamental knowledge of marketing principles, its roles in strategic planning, the importance of marketing research in discovering the needs of consumers, relationship between segmentation and positioning as well as the determinants of success in effective marketing.


    3) Fundamentals of Project Management:

    This module will provide a fundamental understanding into the project management methodology, project phases, management tools, and relevant resources required in project management. Learners will be exposed to the process of the systems development life cycle, analysis, design implementation and evaluation stages in managing a project.


    4) Industrial Attachment

    Through a 3-month industrial attachment, this module aims to introduce learners to a range of functions within the events management industry, which includes the documentation, administrative coordination and actual running of events operations. Learners are will also be exposed to the relevant supporting functions in effective events management.

Graduation Requirements

    Students will be awarded the Certificate in Events Management if they achieve at least a Pass grade in all 4 modules of the course and has a minimum of 90% of attendance rate for the whole duration of the course.


    Students who successfully completed the Certificate in Events Management can progress onto the Diploma qualifications in events management related studies.

Admission Requirements

    Age Requirement:

    Minimum 17 years of age


    Language Requirements:

    Minimum Grade 5 in English Language for GCE ‘N’ Level or regional equivalent


    Academic Requirements:

    Minimum 2 GCE ‘N’ Level credits or regional equivalent


    Mature Candidates:

    - Are 30 years and above at the time of registration; and

    - Have at least 8 years of verifiable working experience; and

    - Provide a detailed resume with contact details of past and present employers


    All applicants are subjected to the School’s assessment of eligibility for entry into the programme.

Required Documents

    1. Application Form

    2. Passport Photocopy of Applicant

    3. Certified Copy of Highest Qualification Certificates and Transcripts

    4. 2 Passport Size Photograph

    5. CV (For Mature Candidates)

Course Fees

    Course Fees

    Price ($SGD)

    Tuition Fee


    Examination Fee


    Course Material Fee


    School Administration Fee


    Fee Protection Scheme


    Student Pass Application and Issuance Fee


    Medical Insurance


    Total Course Fees Payable


    (Prices above are inclusive of GST) 

    Miscellaneous Fees

    Price (SGD)

    Student Pass Renewal Processing Fees


    School Application Fees (Non-refundable)


    Medical Check-Up


    Re-Mark Examination Fee / Certificate Reprint


    Re-Examination Fee / Late Entry Exam Fee (per module)


    Late Payment Fee (per month)


    (Prices above are inclusive of GST) 

    *The fee will be revised from time to time without prior notice

Course Assessment

    Modes for Assessment: 


    The students will be assessed through two (2) components:

    1) Written Examination

    2) Industrial Attachment Logbook / Assignment



    Module Code

    Module Title

    Assessment Mode




    Introduction to Events Management

    Written Examination



    PM Principles of Marketing Written Examination 1 100%
    FPM Fundamentals of Project Management Written Examination 1 100%
    IA Industrial Attachment

    Industrial Attachment Logbook / Assignment




Overall Grade Structure

    90% to 100% – High Distinction
    80% to 89% – Distinction
    60% to 79% – Merit
    50% to 59% – Pass
    Below 50% – Fail

Assessment Schedule

    Weeks 1 to 4 – Week 4 Written Examination
    Weeks 5 to 8 – Week 8 Written Examination
    Weeks 9 to 12 – Week 12 Written Examination
    3 Months IA – Industrial Attachment Logbook / Assignment


    Note: Actual dates of the assessments may vary to better fit students’ learning progress. Students will be informed by the class lecturer if there are changes.

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