Certificate in Team Leadership

The Certificate in Team Leadership is aimed at those with some experience in leading teams and is seeking to develop and improve their skills and knowledge in a flexible and practical way.

Course Objective

    The Certificate in Team Leadership is aimed at those with some experience in leading teams and is seeking to develop and improve their skills and knowledge in a flexible and practical way. This course is also catered for learners who seek to be in a leading role.

Course Outcome

    The course aims to provide students with the skill and knowledge to:


    • Define what leadership is and how it is applied at different levels and situations.

    • Understand the basics of leading, motivating and developing others.

    • Plan and delegate effectively to meet business objectives.

    • Develop skills in communicating and negotiating with different levels of people.

    • Manage and implement changes.

  • Manage and meet customers’ expectations.

Course Structure

    Duration of study:
    Three (3) months – (12 weeks)


    Modules: Nine (9) Modules
    - Introduction to Leadership
    - Motivating and Developing Others
    - Planning and Control
    - Effective Communication
    - Leading a Team Effectively
    - Change Management
    - Meeting Customer Requirements
    - Quality Customer Service
    - Workplace Safety and Health


    Mode of Teaching:
    Classroom based


    Teacher Student Ratio:
    1: 80


    Medium of Instruction:



Course Modules and Outline

    CL01 - Introduction to Leadership

    This module defines what leadership is, examines different styles of leadership, the requirements of an effective leader, as well as the supervisor’s roles and responsibility within an organisation.


    CL02 – Motivating and Developing Others

    This module encapsulates the knowledge and skills needed to motivate and develop workers, and explains how to guide individuals to set performance standards in alignment with the organisation’s goals and objectives. It also covers strategies to facilitate team cohesiveness, resolve conflicts and manage intergroup relations in an organisation.


    CL03 – Planning and Control

    This module provides students with an overview of the key concepts, principles and techniques involved in planning and control. Approach to managing on-going activities of a company’s business operations so as to satisfy customer demands are also discussed.


    CL04 – Effective Communication

    This module introduces the fundamentals of effective workplace communication, the barriers to communication, as well as essential skills in managing communication effectively. Students will also learn to understand the different process of communication, and how to develop an engaging style that will lead to positive outcomes.


    CL05 – Leading a Team Effectively

    This module examines the roles which a leader plays in meeting the expectations of the team under his purview. Students will also learn key components of goal setting using the SMART approach, and techniques involved in time and stress management.


    CL06 – Change Management

    This module explains the change process in an organisation, and state how change encompasses almost all aspects of a work group. How a leader acts as catalyst and assumes the responsibility for managing the change process is presented too. The module also covers organisational behaviours that support and limit the change processes.


    CL07 – Meeting Customer Requirements

    This module discusses the significance of an organisations’ commitment to the continuous improvement of work processes with the aim of meeting customers. It also demonstrates the basic concepts and techniques that can help a team in meeting the expectations of customers.


    CL08 – Quality Customer Service

    This module is designed to help students understand the importance of quality customer service. Students will learn the key principles in providing and supporting quality services. It covers the basic skills in analysing the benefits and implications of delivering good quality customer service.


    CL09 – Workplace Safety and Health

    This module provides students with the basic competencies of maintaining a healthy and safe workplace. The module also covers the scope and importance from a business perspective on workplace safety and health.

Graduation Requirements

      Pass in all modules and 90% attendance. Students will be awarded a Certificate of Completion upon successful completion of the requirements.

Admission Requirements

    • Applicants should be at least 16 years of age at the time of registration; and

    • Minimum Grade 5 in English Language for GCE ‘N’ Level or equivalent; and

    • At least 1 GCE 'N' Level credit or regional equivalent

    • Mature candidates may also apply for the programme provided they:

    • Are 18 years and above at the time of registration; and

    • Have at least 1 year of verifiable working experience

    • All applications are subject to the school’s assessment of eligibility for entry into the programme.

Required Documents

    1. Application Form

    2. Passport Photocopy of Applicant

    3. Certified Copy of Highest Qualification Certificates and Transcripts

    4. 2 Passport Size Photograph

    5. CV (For Mature Candidates)

Course Fees

    Course Fees

    Price ($SGD)

    Tuition Fees


    Course notes


    Fee Protection Scheme


    Student Pass Application and Processing Fees


    Medical Insurance


    School Registration Fees


    Course Material Fees




    Miscellaneous Fees

    Price (SGD)

    Student Pass Renewal Processing Fees


    School Application Fees (Non-refundable)


    Medical Check-Up


    Re-Mark Examination Fee / Certificate Reprint


    Re-Examination Fee / Late Entry Exam Fee (per module)


    Late Fee Payment (per month)


Course Assessment

    Assessment Summary for each module






    30 Marks

    Continual Assessment


    30 Marks


    60 Marks


    Assessment Information


    9 Assignments

    Certificate in Team Leadership

    9 CAs

    Overall Assessment of each Module (Range 0 – 60 marks)

    Mark Range


    0 – 29


    30 - 60


Assessment Schedule


    Assessment Schedule

    Week 1 – 4

    • Week 2 – Assignment 1 & CA 1

    • Week 3 – Assignment 2 & CA 2

    • Week 4 – Assignment 3 & CA 3

    Weeks 5 – 8

    • Week 6 – Assignment 4 & CA 4

    • Week 7 – Assignment 5 & CA 5

    • Week 8 – Assignment 6 & CA 6

    Weeks 9 – 12

    • Week 10 – Assignment 7 & CA 7

    • Week 11 – Assignment 8 & CA 8

    • Week 12 – Assignment 9 & CA 9


    Actual dates of the assessments and CA may vary to better fit students’ learning progress. Students will be informed by the class lecturer if there are changes.

08 AUGUST 2018 TO 07 AUGUST 2022
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